Instant and secure data verification

Archipels Verify is a verification solution that's fully integrated into your customer journey.

Verify the authenticity and integrity of any document or data directly at the issuer via our verification API.

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Speed: check the authenticity of documents in less than 450 ms

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Compatibility: check all types of documents and data.

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Flexibility: opt for a dedicated verification platform or integrate the API into your business software.

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How does it

Request your verification kit

Receive the SDK, your personalized credentials for secure and instant verification.

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Simplicity: simple installation for a quick start.

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Security: secure clearance management for secure verification.

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Support: dedicated support from our team of developers.

Generate a verifiable digital footprint

Calculate the digital fingerprint of your document or structured data and query the Archipels Blockchain to verify their authenticity.


Scalability: check one or more structured data


Confidentiality: the generated fingerprint is known only to you.


Security: the hash algorithm used (SHA256) is known for its good balance between security and computation cost.

Check the authenticity of the document or data

Use our verification API to check the document or data fingerprint.


Speed: check the authenticity of your documents and data in less than a second.


Flexibility: integrate the verification API directly into your route or on a dedicated platform for easy verification.


Traceability: receive a time-stamped proof of verification.

From authentication
to compliance

Verify the authenticity of documents for your KYC procedures, authentication of your users in the sales process or to ensure compliance with current regulations.

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Guarantee 100% authenticity of the data or document, throughout the customer's life.

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Get a check in less than 450 ms. For the end user, that's the equivalent of 2 clicks.

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API integration facilitated by our SDK

Compliance icon, representing adherence to established standards or regulations


RGPD and eIDAS compliant. Only data hashes are stored.

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Blockchain with low energy consumption (Proof Of Authority) and permission from a set of 5 actors limiting the number of nodes.

How does it work?

We have designed an instant verification solution that is privacy friendly, secure and flexible.

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Customer testimonials

Read what our customers have to say about their use of Archipels Verify

"Enriching our KYC solution with the Archipels Blockchain seemed obvious to us and opens the field to other applications in the field of document control. It reinforces our position as a reference in digital trust."

Olivier Vallet, CEO of Docapost

"Archipels Verify provides an additional guarantee to our customers in the traceability and compliance of their documents. All while ensuring smooth customer journeys and an improved customer experience."

Arnaud Tuffery, Compliance Solution Manager, ITESOFT

"Archipels provides a guarantee in the authentication of these documents, by confirming that they are originals. It is therefore an innovative and effective solution to limit fraud."

Philippe Sanchis, CEO of Vialink

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