Verification of documents

Archipels adds a technological brick to your KYC solution to accelerate and make your customer relationship entry procedures more reliable.

Verify authenticity and increase trust

Archipels' verification solution allows us to check the authenticity of documents. We go to the source of the document and the data: directly to the issuer. This is what makes Archipels' service unique on the market. We do not simply guarantee the conformity or consistency of the data provided, but that the document is authentic, that it remains intact and has not been altered. Gain certainty on the client file and limit fraud with Archipels. 

Accelerate KYC and board more customers

Archipels' verification solution is almost instantaneous. In just a few seconds, you will be able to verify the veracity of the information provided by the client. Thanks to our API, you will be able to verify the documents and data requested during KYC procedures. The answer is almost immediate and without appeal: no need for manual verification and therefore time-consuming and error-prone human processing.

Stay in compliance with regulations

Archipels is verified on blockchain. This distributed registry allows for seamless traceability. In addition to being compliant with the RGPD and all current regulations, it allows for easy auditability. Indeed, Archipels keeps a time-stamped evidence register that banks and financial institutions can provide to regulatory bodies in case of audit or unannounced control. 

Optimize your KYC procedures today by discovering the Archipels solution
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