Notarization of your assets


Track value on digital and physical assets with tamper-proof and unique credentials.

Document fraud on the rise

In today's world, where counterfeiting and data fraud are on the rise, it’s crucial to have a reliable system that can verify and track real-time identities and values during both physical and digital transactions. Certify streamlines transaction processes while effectively addressing security and data sharing challenges associated with various types of assets. 

Public communications and releases
Internet of Things
Trade management
IP Protection

All-in-one certification solution that:


That creates a unique digital fingerprint of your digital assets.


Provides a secure and immutable proof that cannot be altered, or deleted.


Verifies ownership, as a third party, in case of dispute or claim.

Case scenario: Official communications

Create data proof

The company creates a data fingerprint for every press release on CERTIFY.

Anchor data proof

The data ‘fingerprint’ is anchored on the blockchain, making it immutable and tamper-proof

Verify data integrity

Any third party can verify the authenticity of the press release and issued by the stated company.


Increased security
Work towards Zero-Knowledge Proof disclosure: the safest protocol to protect peronal data
Instant Verification
Verify data authenticity quickly and easily on a trusted shared ledger.
Instant protection
Get instant protection for your digital assets, just seconds after certification.
In case of dispute or claim, certified asset is seen as legal evidence and probational value.
Cost-effectiveness and scalability
Large volumes of certified data enable you to significantly reduce transaction costs.
Eliminate fraud
CERTIFY proof credentials for unique assets you own can never be tampered.

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Compliance and data integrity

Notarization of your assets

Traceability in the supply chain

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