Ensure data integrity and traceability

With Archipels Certify, we offer you a multitude of benefits for your business in terms of traceability and scalability.

Traceability icon, representing the ability to track the origin, path or history of information.


Trace data and processes
in complex ecosystems.

Icon for data management, representing the organization, storage and analysis of digital information.

Simplified management

Update and revoke your data
at every stage of its lifecycle.

Icon symbolizing rapid deployment, representing efficiency and speed of execution in processes or projects

Guaranteed integrity

Check data and documents in seconds and stay compliant with regulations.

Icon for interoperability, representing ease of process integration.

Speed & scalability

Anchoring frequency can be fast or configurable, depending on the package.

Easy integration icon, representing simplicity and efficiency in the process of integrating systems or software.

Easy integration

Integrates with your existing systems without changing your current architecture.

Icon symbolizing a foreseeable cost, evoking the budget forecast for the Archipels solution.

Anticipated costs

Pricing by certification provides predictability of costs incurred.

Verification of certified documents through QR code

Archipels Certify

Archipels Certify is an all-in-one SaaS solution for data certification and verification, based on a sovereign blockchain infrastructure.

Data integrity and certification security guarantee that the data is not transferred outside your premises, and is unaltered by the signature of a third party.

Data traceability management comes with built-in revocation options and customizable data versioning.

Data verification and transparency are ensured by real-time matching of data proofs and independent third-party verification.

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How does it work?

Create data proof

The digital footprint of the data
is created with a
business proof schema.

Anchor data proof

The proof is anchored in the consortium blockchain, hosted by
trusted third parties.

Verify data integrity

Certified data proofs
can be verified
in real time.

The Archipels solution adapts to your needs

Compliance and data integrity

Notarization of your assets

Traceability in the supply chain

Certification and verification of diplomas and training


Frédérique Ville
Director - Digiposte

"The Archipels blockchain-based document certification system will extend proof of authenticity to pay slips, even if they are uploaded outside the Digiposte safe. This innovation will soon cover all certified documents received in Digiposte: diplomas, proof of address, etc."

Etienne Géhain
Digital Innovation Officer - ENGIE
"Anchoring all ENGIE invoices on the Archipels blockchain is the most reliable, secure and easily integrated method for all market industries to effectively combat document fraud. Certification on blockchain is the most advanced technology to date for restoring trust in complex ecosystems."
Benoit Parizet
CDO - Caisse des Dépots
"Archipels offers a platform of digital trust services on the Blockchain, secured and verified in compliance with European standards. The aim is to enable citizens and businesses to secure their exchanged data and combat document fraud."

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