Certification on Blockchain to ensure auditability, traceability and compliance of your data, documents and processes.

Digital trust through certification

Archipels Certify is a solution for document and data certification on the Blockchain. Secure your documents and data with evidential value thanks to the anchoring on a trusted Blockchain.


Auditability: make your documents, structured data and processes auditable with the Blockchain.


Traceability: Record your documents and data as evidence to validate the authenticity of each change.


Compliance: comply with European regulations (RGPD, eIDAS 2).

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Reduce risk. Control your reputation.

Simplified time stamping.

Anchor your documents and data on the Archipels Trusted Blockchain and receive a timeless proof of existence and integrity, verifiable at any time.

The digital signature on Blockchain.

Guarantee the identity of the issuer of a document or data, ensure its integrity and the absence of alteration since the generation of the signature.

Traceability and versioning.

Track the history of events associated with a piece of evidence - data, document or process - as well as all versions of that evidence and the entity responsible for any changes.

Archipels Certify in 3 steps

Request your certification kit

Receive the Archipels SDK and your personalized identifiers for a simple anchoring, in complete autonomy.


Autonomy: follow the instructions in our technical documentation for a quick and autonomous start.


Simplicity: one SDK, one single personalised access, clear instructions: that's all you need.


Support: dedicated support from our technical team.

Calculate the digital footprint

Generate a digital fingerprint of your document or structured data.


Control: you retain control of the generated fingerprint, which can be revoked at any time thanks to a secret key of which you are the sole owner.


Confidentiality: no documents or structured data in clear text are anchored on the blockchain.


Security: the hash algorithm used (SHA256) is known for its good balance between security and computational cost of generation.

Anchor your digital footprints on the Blockchain

Use our Archipels Certify API to anchor your documents and structured data with evidential value.


Speed: anchoring on the Archipels Blockchain takes less than a second


Traceability: receive a proof of anchoring, time-stamped and verifiable at any time


Verifiability: check the authenticity and integrity of all anchor evidence provided.

The most advanced
certification solution

Archipels Certify is the most secure, confidential and compatible with the future European regulatory and technological standards.

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Privacy by design

Digital fingerprints of documents and structured data are never embedded in clear text. Archipels never has access to your data.


Guarantee of immutability

Each proof is made immutable by Archipels Certify thanks to the properties of the Blockchain technology.

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European Sovereignty

Archipels is a sovereign blockchain, supported by trusted institutions (EDF, Engie, La Poste and La Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations).


Revocation of evidence

All proofs are revocable by their issuers to indicate that they are no longer valid upon verification.

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Verification of evidence at any time

Each piece of evidence can be verified at any time using our verification API or via a custom form.

How does it work?

We have built a simple, resilient certification solution to suit all your business needs.

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They chose the Archipels Certify solution

Whether it's anchoring invoices, payrolls or emails, Archipels Certify creates an environment of trust.

"Email takes on its full value, thanks to Mailstone, through the use of the trusted third party that the Archipels Blockchain mechanism represents."

Frank Dammann, CEO of MailStone

"By integrating Archipels' blockchain, the clerks of the commercial courts are once again demonstrating their commitment to investing in innovation for the public good."

Sophie Jonval, President of the Registrars

The choice to enrich our KYC solution with the Archipels Blockchain seemed obvious to us because it reinforces our position as a reference in digital trust".

Olivier Vallet, Docapost

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