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Our Values

At Archipels, we stand for a free, open, transparent, secure and verifiable internet. We believe that the transition to Web 3, powered by decentralised protocols and a Self Sovereign Identity approach, will allow all individuals to regain control of the Internet and become its main actors.

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Everything we do at Archipels is in the spirit of Self-Sovereign Identity: with the user at the centre. There is no decision that is not made with the user at the centre (and not their data). This is our philosophy in the team, with our partners, our customers and their users.

Privacy at all costs

We believe in a secure web without compromising individual freedom. With blockchain, we are building a trusted platform, with robust security protocols and respect for privacy. It's - did anyone ever tell you that blockchain is cool? 🦉

Simplicity at the heart

What is well designed must be simple. We cultivate simplicity in our approach, both in our product and in our relationship with others. We tackle complex problems by seeking simple and elegant solutions. Simplicity is about accessibility and inclusion.

Trust first

We advocate for a free and transparent web based on trust between individuals, institutions and companies. Identity is at the heart of all these relationships and that's why we are ready to share our discoveries, our method and our know-how with all the actors who share our cause 🤝🏿

A plural identity

Great teams are stronger and more resilient the more diverse and tolerant they are. Diversity of backgrounds, opinions and cultures is encouraged. That's how you get the right methods, foster creativity and make the right decisions to create a better product 

At the right pace

We want to move forward quickly and well. But we will never sacrifice the quality of our product to gain time. We are building a new standard and that takes time. That's why we want to innovate at the right pace, to optimise brilliantly, to constantly improve our working methods to deliver excellence⌛

Willing, caring

Goodwill is contagious and that's why we cultivate it every day in our coffee breaks, workshops and meetings. It creates a good atmosphere and gives us the motivation to work together on complex projects. At Archipels, we are always ready to roll up our sleeves to challenge an idea, enrich a proposal, give our opinion and move forward faster 👐

Learning, innovating, growing

Learn by trying. Innovate by doing. Grow by sharing.
We are curious about the possibilities offered by blockchain but also about all initiatives that put the user back at the centre, that promote inclusion or that preserve privacy. We explore existing solutions, we try new methods, we invent others to offer the best possible experience 🌱

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Archipels provides data and document certification solutions to organizations and institutions.

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