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Proof of majority

How do you ensure the minimum age of an Internet user to access a website?

They require proof of majority

How do you ensure the minimum age of an Internet user to access a website?

icon adult site

Adult websites

Specially regulated by law, pornographic sites must be reserved for people over 18 to protect children.

icone site paris sportifs

Gaming & betting website

Bookmakers, online betting, online gaming: check the age of your players!

e commerce site

E-commerce sites

Alcohol, CBD, rentals... Make sure minors can't order from your e-commerce sites.

social networking icon

Social networking

In many countries, a minimum age is required to access certain social networks and/or dating sites.

Have we guessed your problems?

How does it work?

When the user wants to access your limited site or service, he'll have to present a proof of majority from his Cloud Wallet (online). If they don't already have this proof, all they need is 20 seconds and a photo to gain access. In this way, you can easily comply with the legislation governing this activity, while ensuring that people of legal age continue to access your site, thanks to the ease of onboarding.

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The user wishes to access your site reserved for +18 year olds

When accessing a website or service, the company requires the user to show proof of age.


The website requires the user to present a Credential digital age (proof of majority, 16 years old...).

Internet users can generate their own Credential in 1 click by taking a photo of their face or an ID card.


Internet user shares his Credential age (anonymous)

The Internet user accepts the request and submits his or her Credential


The web user accesses the service!

In the future, users will be able to re-use their Credential to access other websites.


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Getting back into compliance

Legislation depends on your industry, but it's getting tougher all the time, so get in line!

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Don't reduce your traffic

Our simplicity of use has been worked on and tested with a number of players and users, to avoid a drop in your traffic.

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Respects privacy

Double anonymity: neither the issuer nor the verifier knows the identity of the individual.

Use case certificates and documents

Below is a list of attestations, documents and proofs that may be of interest for this use case.

Proof of majority
Proof of age ensures that the individual is of legal age.
Personal identity
Credential an individual's identity

FAQ on proof of majority

Check the age of an Internet user without knowing their identity

Do users have to create their own Credential every time they log on?

Absolutely not! Once they have theCredential de majorité in their Archipels Wallet, they can reuse their Credential directly on your site or on other partner websites.

What are the different ways of checking whether an individual is over 18?

At Archipels, our first priority is to offer a simple, straightforward solution. This is why we propose to generate a Credential of majority in two distinct ways: either by photographing an ID card or simply by photographing one's face (where an AI will interpret the person's age).

Does it only work on mobile?

It's a Cloud Wallet, which means that any wallet holder can re-use Archipels credentials on their mobile, PC or other device.

Is it possible to use the digital identity wallet without revealing your identity to the verifier?

In fact, it is possible to use wallet technology without transmitting your identity to the verifier. For example, an adult site may ask for proof of age without asking for the user's identity.