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Secure and simplified onboarding par excellence

Archipels accelerates and secures the entry into contact with your customers by providing you with high-performance document verification solutions, thus facilitating the steps to be taken by users. We enable you to improve the onboarding of your customers thanks to a centralized platform, the robustness of blockchain technology and optimized processes.

Archipels covers a wide range of documents related to the identity of individuals, including proof of domicile and corporate identification documents: Kbis, tax forms, articles of association, list of beneficial owners and other documents for authentication. As onboarding is a key moment in the customer journey, it is a step not to be neglected, both for you and for your customer.

Smooth and harmonious integration into your customer journey

Archipels is designed to integrate seamlessly and optimally into your customers' journey thanks to our APIs and SDKs. Our SDK helps you to automatically extract the digital signature (the hash) from the supplied document, which you can then authenticate via our verification API: an intuitive and ergonomic approach to enhance the customer experience.

Save time, improve the security of your authentication processes and make the whole process of getting in touch more fluid. Archipels is your trusted solution to help you verify the identity of individuals and companies more quickly and easily.

Instant authentication for an optimal user experience

Archipels also makes it possible to check the authenticity of an identity document almost instantaneously, eliminating any risk of human error due to poor indexing, an oversight or an entry error, as well as the rejection of a document due to an image of insufficient quality: blurred, low luminosity, damaged document, etc. The customer experience can easily suffer from a slow, cumbersome and impenetrable identification process. Instead, take advantage of the authentication moment to build trust, while reducing the risk of error and improper rejection to zero.

To become the leading provider of decentralized identity for companies and individuals in Europe, Archipels relies on a trust infrastructure based on a private and licensed blockchain that is sovereign, eco-responsible and confidential. The relationship has never been so fast, and the customer experience has never been so optimised.

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