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The importance of proof of majority for certain websites

In an increasingly digitized world, the protection of minors online is a central concern for regulators and businesses alike. Legislation governing access to adult-only content or services, such as online gaming sites, adult platforms, bookmakers or the sale of alcohol online, is rigorously enforced to ensure a safe and appropriate online environment.
These regulations require companies to implement robust age verification mechanisms. In this article, we'll explore the crucial importance of proof of age, and how Archipels, specialists in decentralized identity wallet, can provide you with an effective response to this legal and regulatory requirement.

Restricting access to certain sites to adults is based on the overriding need to protect children and teenagers from inappropriate content or potentially dangerous situations online. Early exposure to adult content, gambling or controlled substances can have serious consequences for the development and well-being of young people.

Sites and sectors concerned by the majority test

There are several sectors that face legislation requiring the majority of Internet users wishing to access their services to be verified.

Here are the main ones:

Adult content (pornographic sites)

When it comes to sites offering adult-only content, the need to verify users' ages is imperative. The strict regulations aimed at preventing minors from accessing this type of content are put in place for obvious reasons of protecting our children and teenagers. Companies operating in this industry must ensure that only individuals of legal age have access to their platform. This is where Archipels' decentralized identity wallet solutions come in, providing reliable age verification mechanisms while preserving user confidentiality. Thanks to these innovative tools, adult sites can guarantee a secure online experience that complies with current regulations, reinforcing user confidence and the legitimacy of their platform.

Online gambling and bookmakers

The constantly evolving online gambling industry has to navigate a complex regulatory landscape. The protection of minors is a top priority, as evidenced by the law aimed at "securing and regulating the digital space" which will see the light of day in 2024. The online betting industry is subject to strict regulations aimed at preventing access by minors. Bookmakers must implement robust age verification mechanisms. By combining an innovative approach to privacy protection and regulatory compliance, Archipels offers online bookmakers a reliable solution to guarantee adult-only access that can be easily integrated into their KYC process.

Dating sites and social networks

When it comes to social networking and dating sites, the protection of underage users is crucial. Access to these platforms can expose young people to inappropriate content and unsupervised interactions. To meet this imperative, laws such as the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) in the United States, and article L227-4-1 of France's Code de l'action sociale et des familles, require platforms to implement robust age verification mechanisms.

E-commerce sites selling alcohol, cigarettes, CBD and more...

Selling age-restricted products online requires rigorous age verification. Archipels offers a decentralized identity wallet technology that guarantees adult-only access securely and in compliance with current regulations.

What easy solutions can be put in place to protect minors?

Classic solutions... unreliable!

Conventional majority verification procedures on websites often rely on online forms where users declare their age. However, these methods have considerable limitations. They are easily circumvented by ill-intentioned individuals, compromising the protection of minors. What's more, they do not allow for reliable verification of declared identity, opening the door to potential fraud. This traditional approach leaves room for the risk of non-compliance with current regulations, and jeopardizes the safety of even the youngest users.

In this context, it becomes imperative to explore innovative and more secure solutions to guarantee robust age verification.

More robust solutions!

There are two simple and secure ways to verify an individual's majority via a website:
- Presentation of a bank card

- identity wallet

While the credit card solution is fairly secure, it does have a number of drawbacks. First of all, it's not ideal for businesses, as many Internet users are reluctant to use their credit cards on certain sites. What's more, you need to have your card with you, which is a real barrier to entry.

On the other hand, the revolutionary decentralized identity wallet technology holds a great deal of promise. This solution offers a reliable and secure alternative to ensure that only users of legal age have access to a given content or service. We will now explore in detail how this innovative technology can enhance the protection of minors and ensure compliance with current regulations.

The digital identity wallet

The principle is extremely simple. When a web user wishes to access a website protected for minors, or purchase a product reserved for adults, all he or she has to do is present "proof of majority". This proof takes the form of a digital Credential , which can be presented in a single click on any website from a cell phone or computer. Internet users will have two methods at their disposal:
- by taking a photo of their ID only once (intelligent recognition of date of birth and deduction of age)
- by taking a photo of their face, then an algorithm (AI) instantly estimates their age and therefore potentially their majority.

Once generated, this Credential can be stored in their Archipels wallet, so that it can be reused at will with just one click to access any site requiring proof of majority. A proof of majority is valid for life and can be reused on all partner websites."

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