Preventing fraud

How to fight fraud effectively? Find out how to drastically reduce the risk during underwriting and facilitate remediation or data update procedures.

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Philippe Sanchis
CEO of Vialink
Archipels provides a guarantee in the authentication of these documents, confirming that they are originals. It is an additional guarantee with high added value in terms of assurance as to the reliability of these documents, and therefore an innovative and effective solution to limit fraud.

Effective protection in the face of the explosion of fraud

Archipels is a formidable solution to effectively combat fraud through document verification. Its use allows to drastically reduce the risk at the time of underwriting and facilitates the procedures of remediation or data update.

Over the period 2015-2019, the number of suspicious transaction reports received by Tracfin has more than doubled: from 43,000 to almost 96,000 suspicious transaction reports. Archipels is responding to this worrying and sharp acceleration in reports from payment and e-money institutions as well as insurers and insurance brokers.

Certification of the authenticity of each document

Archipels certifies the authenticity of the document, unlike other solutions on the market which only guarantee its conformity by providing a level of confidence. This type of solution validates the data consistency of the document by extracting and cross-referencing information but cannot guarantee its authenticity.

Already 40 million documents with evidential value have been certified on Archipels, enabling thousands of institutions to strengthen their fight against fraud and risk prevention. Located halfway between the issuer of the document and the auditor, Archipels occupies an extremely important place: a filter that leaves no doubt as to the identity of the person or company and its authenticity.

A truly improved overall level of confidence in the customer file

Archipels significantly improves the overall confidence level of the customer file. To achieve this, the solution will search directly for documents at the source so that it can then ensure the authenticity of the identity of individuals and companies. This real improvement in the level of trust is only possible because we certify on the blockchain the documents, data and information on individuals or companies whose authenticity you wish to verify.

Strengthen your overall level of confidence today by discovering the Archipels solution.
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