Securing documents

Archipels' certification solution allows you to ensure the integrity of your documents over the long term.

Give more value to your archive

All archiving solutions today offer to store documents and associated fingerprints/signatures. Using our Certification API, you can extract a digital signature from your documents anchored on a distributed registry operated by French trusted third parties. Bring additional value to your customers by increasing the level of trust on their documents: Archipels is the third party certifier of integrity. You are no longer judge and jury. Moreover, you now know who is consulting your documents. 

Get a proof value

The Archipels distributed registry is open and transparent. Anyone who has the document's fingerprint can query it to verify its integrity and validity. Make your documents more transparent and therefore more valuable: even if they leave your systems, it is still possible to verify their authenticity and integrity thanks to our API. 

Benefit from the flexibility of the platform

As the issuer of the document, you will have the ability to revoke the certification. Why is this useful? Let's say you signed a contract with certain terms, but those terms no longer apply. Instead of dealing with complicated versioning, you can simply revoke the certification. This way it will be easy to verify the validity of a document via its certificate anchored on the Archipels blockchain. 

Ensure the integrity of your documents by using the Archipels platform.
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