Give your users a smooth, secure and streamlined experience with Self-Sovereign Identity.

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development of the Archipelago ISS project

Deploy your SSI project with ease.

Archipels Connect is our trusted blockchain infrastructure that enables the development of Self-Sovereign Identity projects, from the design of your use case to the product launch.


Interoperable: generate unique electronic certificates.


Verifiable: check the authenticity of your users at any time.


Secure: detect fraudulent behaviour at the source.

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Prepare for Self-Sovereign Identity.
Adopt best practices.

A sovereign and eco-responsible blockchain.

Sustainable governance, protection of personal data in accordance with current regulations and reduced energy consumption.

Easy Issuance and Verification of attributes.

Manage the lifecycle of your prospects and customers with a single audit interface tailored to your needs.

Personalized support for your wallet.

Determine your requirements for exchanging identity attributes of individuals and organisations.

How does it

Determine the scope of your SSI project

Development and validation of the business use case with your teams and understanding of the functional and technical constraints.

Duration: between 1 and 3 months.

Setting up the platform to meet your needs

Development of a wallet according to the design of the use case and the envisaged volume.

Duration: between 3 and 6 months.

Test and publication

KPI monitoring, post-launch support and platform management.

Duration: 6+ months.

Innovation on your scale.
A hybrid team.

Archipels brings its technical know-how to help you deploy a large-scale decentralised identity use case without technical constraints.

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Generate unique attributes to simplify the onboarding of your users.

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Check your users' digital credentials at any time.



Detect fraudulent behaviours in your onboarding.

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Give back control of personal data to your users. Don't store sensitive information on your servers, trust the Blockchain.

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Adopt the most suitable authentication solution for current regulations - RGPD, eIDAS 2 - thanks to Blockchain technology.

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