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Why choose archipels connect?

Integrate, authenticate and manage credentials securely and easily.
Archipels Connect Wallet integrates easily with existing systems, making it quick to deploy.

Smooth user experience

A frictionless integration and OnBoarding process that delights customers and other stakeholders, reducing attrition.

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Verifiable data and identities

Easily define, issue, verify and revoke attestations, promoting trust in your ecosystem.

Rapid deployment

Easily define, issue, verify and revoke attestations, promoting trust in your ecosystem.

Data security

Comply with the latest data protection regulations by guaranteeing trusted identities, digital networks and exchanges.

Data management

The SSI-based Wallet combines ease-of-use with user-centric processes, self-controlled management and data exchange.

Interoperability and connectivity just a click away!

Easily integrate tools, processes or solutions by creating automated workflows.

Use cases for many sectors

Bank and insurance
Energy and environment
Public sector
Supply chain
Real estate
Ticketing and events
Hospitality and mobility

How does it work?

Scheme representing credentials sharing process.

Here's an example of wallet usage

ABC Company

It wants to obtain and share a KBIS (company extract) quickly and securely to establish relations with suppliers and partners.

Here's how Archipels Connect streamlines exchanges:
Illustration with Infogreffe

Scheme of KBIS credential issuing and sharing


Company ABC requests its KBIS from Infogreffe via its wallet.

Creation and transmission of the kbis

Infogreffe creates theCredential
KBIS and transmits it to the ABC company wallet.

your kbis

Once a KBIS has been requested by a service provider, ABC Company can easily share it from its wallet.
Asking for KBIS credentials
Obtaining KBIS credentials
Sharing KBIS credentials

Benefits for every stakeholder

Issuer: Institutions


Wallet Holder


Verifier: Company


Rapid verification
Easier compliance
Lower costs
Anti-fraud and security

Other features

Secure messaging

Communicate with partners and customers through an integrated messaging experience.

Identity verification

Implement strong, automated, real-time identity verification to combat fraud and comply with all regulatory requirements.

Delegation management

Easily delegate, manage and revoke rights to users and employees.

Automated exchanges via workflows

Manage complex workflows with ease. Adapt your business processes and improve service quality, while increasing responsiveness.

Examples of credentials

The strength of Archipels' Wallet lies in its ability not to be limited in terms of certificates or official documents. From standard identity papers to more specific certificates, we can meet your needs. Businesses, organizations, or states can issue their own credentials: therefore, all types of credentials are possible.  

Please note: Archipels establishes agreements based on projects with various issuers. The complete range of documents mentioned below is not currently available.

legal entity

- KBIS Extract
-Vigilance Certificates
-Certificate of Non-Employment of Foreign Workers
-List of Foreign Workers
-Tax Compliance Certificate
-Ten-Year Insurance
-Property Titles
-Obtained Label

Certificates for individuals: identity & personal data

- Identity attributes: surname, first name, birth...
- Proof of address
- Personal IBAN
- Credential of age, proof of majority
- Driving license, passport, residence permit...
- Credential of email, phone number

- Transport or event tickets
- Vehicle or accommodation reservations
- Insurance certificates
- Delivery notes
- Certifications, diplomas
- ...

Offer to deliver your certificates!

- Certifications, diplomas, labels...
- Event tickets, delivery notes...
- Insurance certificates...
- ...

I want to issue my certificates

Some use cases for the identity wallet


Manage your partner relationships more effectively

See the case


Security and compliance: think decentralized identity wallet for your customer relationship entry procedures

See the case

Proof of age or majority

How do you ensure the minimum age of an Internet user to access a website?

See the case