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OFFERINGS and PRICES of our solutions: certification & IDENTITY WALLET

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Find the right solution for your business needs with the Archipels platform.

Archipels Certify allows you to manage your electronic signature and seal needs, time stamping and anchoring thanks to the Blockchain technology which offers robustness, immutability and trust.

Would you like to explore SSI use cases? Discover our Archipels Connect solutions.

Certify & Verify

Certify any type of data on a trusted blockchain to guarantee its authenticity.

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Certify & Verify


Signing of all types of documents with probative value

Tailored volumes: digitally sign your documents and pay for what you use

SLA: benefit from a high level of availability of the Archipels signing service

Customisation: customise the signature streams with your own branding

API: Integrate the digital signature directly into your business interfaces using our certification API.


Time-stamp all types of documents on a trusted blockchain: invoices, commercial contracts, receipts, etc.

Get timestamp proofs instantly with our certification API

Verify the timestamp proofs with our Archipels Verify platform or in your own interface.

Anchored on

Anchor your data and documents with probative value on a trusted blockchain to secure all your exchanges

SLA: benefit from an availability rate of more than 99% for our anchoring service

Support: take advantage of a customised support for anchoring your documents and data

Tailored pricing: only pay for what you anchor on the blockchain


Check your documents and data in less than 450ms

API: integrate verification into your business processes with our verification API


Give your users a smooth, secure and streamlined experience with Self-Sovereign Identity.

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of certificates

Generate your own digital credentials for easy entry to your users

Interoperability: use digital certificates that are compatible for all with all technologies

Revocation: easily revoke certificates that are no longer valid

Customise your digital certificates to meet your business challenges

API: generate digital certificates directly from your business software using our API.

of digital certificates

Verify your users' digital credentials through our verification platform or on your dedicated interface.

Simplified onboarding

Accelerate your users' experience of all your products and services with unique digital credentials.