Certification and verification of diplomas and training


Reliable certifications that create work opportunities

The fake diploma economy is booming

It's getting harder to trust any academic qualifications. CERTIFY provides a secure solution, allowing educational institutions to authenticate diplomas, licenses, trainings and curriculums - helping their trainees and students get ahead.

Academic Credentials
Professional Certification
Digital Badges
Training and upskilling

All-in-one certification solution that:


Certify professional and academic credentials in seconds.


Provides tamper-proof certificates that demonstrate academic and professional qualifications.


Verifies credentials allowing for complete transparency with hiring organisations

Case scenario: University degree

Create data proof

University creates a data ‘fingerprint’ of the diploma on CERTIFY

Anchor data proof

The data ‘fingerprint’ is anchored on the blockchain, making it immutable and tamper-proof

Verify data integrity

Any employer can verify the authenticity of the diploma.


Reduce fraud
Ensure that all education and training certifications are tamper-proof.
Instant Verification
Any hiring company can verify the authenticity of the diploma.
Reduce costs
Lower admin costs associated with manual labor such as record keeping.
Probative value
Ensure certification remains valid in the future, regardless of verification methods.
Highly secure infrastructure
Safely store personal information thanks to encryption and decentralisation.
Easy scalability
Certify large volumes of documents and diplomas in a very short amount of time

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Compliance and data integrity

Notarization of your assets

Traceability in the supply chain

Certification and verification of diplomas and training