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Security and compliance: think decentralized identity wallet for your customer relationship entry procedures

Sectors concerned by the KYC procedure

Security and compliance: think decentralized identity wallet for your customer relationship entry procedures

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Banking & insurance

By definition, banking and insurance are the first sectors concerned by KYC.

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Financial sector

In addition to banks and insurance companies, the entire financial sector is subject to stringent KYC requirements.

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Notaries, lawyers & accountants

KYC is mandatory in many activities regulated against money laundering.

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All of them!

While the "Know Your Customer" procedure is not mandatory for all businesses, KYC may be necessary in all B2C sectors!

Have we guessed your problems?

How does it work?

To facilitate your KYC procedures while guaranteeing total security, the Archipels identity wallet is just the thing. All you need to do is ask your customers to present the documents required for your KYC procedure.
From their wallet, they can accept the presentation of the certificates requested. As Archipels is connected to your business tools via workflows, you can retrieve the necessary information from your tools.

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Ask for the presentation of their documents and certificates

Automatically ask each of your customers to present their identity and the documents required for your KYC.


The customer agrees to the presentation of the requested certificates

The list of requested documents is displayed on his Wallet, which may or may not have been created beforehand. It is up to the customer to decide whether or not to accept the presentation of the certificates.


Automatic integration into your business software

Thanks to automatic workflows, the necessary information from the certificates is integrated into your business software.


It's already over!

Your onboarding and KYC processes are simplified, and you benefit from information you can trust.


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Fully digitize your KYC procedure and enrich your software automatically.

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Sources of confidence

In addition to ease of use, the beauty of the wallet solution is that the various certificates come directly from trusted sources.

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Modular & scalable

As your needs and legislation evolve, you can delete or add a document submission request.

Use case certificates and documents

Below is a list of attestations, documents and proofs that may be of interest for this use case.

Personal identity
Credential an individual's identity
The IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is the international identifier for a bank account.
Proof of majority
Proof of age ensures that the individual is of legal age.
Proof of address
Required for many administrative procedures, a proof of address is a document that certifies a principal residence.

Find out all about facilitating KYC with Archipels wallet

Your answers on KYC procedures with the identity wallet

What is the KYC procedure?

The KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure consists of verifying the identity and integrity of customers. Initially imposed by financial and banking legislation, the KYC procedure enables us to actively combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

How reliable is my customer's identity?

Partnering with several digital identity players, the Archipels wallet offers users several ways to be identified. Each wallet holder is identified, and can choose whether or not to share his or her identity with a verifier, depending on the use case.

For each KYC procedure, an individual will have to generate the requested documents again?

No, the general idea behind the identity wallet is to simplify and secure the presentation of information. In the case of the wallet, once credentials have been generated, an individual can present them to third parties of his or her choice, without having to regenerate them. They have their own reusable credentials within their cloud wallet.

What documents can be requested as part of a KYC process?

On this page we present some of the most commonly used attestations in KYC procedures, but depending on your needs and the legal framework, we can add or remove presentation requests of your choice.