The Archipels Platform

A trusted blockchain supported by French third parties and coupled with a layer-2 scalability solution.

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The guarantees of Blockchain technology.
Coupled with Layer-2.


All transactions are carried out directly from peer to peer without a central control body.


No modification is possible without validation from the network actors, which makes Blockchain technology the most secure.


All participants in the network have a copy of the blockchain with all transactions made since its inception.

A trusted infrastructure.

Trust an infrastructure supported by a consortium of French trusted third parties and based on a permissioned blockchain.

A state-of-the-art infrastructure for your business needs.

The Archipels infrastructure has been built with sustainable governance, privacy management in line with current regulations and reduced energy consumption.


Clear governance

An infrastructure with clear and inclusive governance, supported by major trusted third parties.

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Unlike existing blockchain infrastructures, Archipels operates in Layer-2 in order to avoid limits on transactions per second.



The Zero-Knowledge Proof ensures total confidentiality of the operations carried out.

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Anchor on-chain only the data you need for your business needs. Keep all sensitive data off-chain.

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Equipped with an energy-efficient Proof-of-Authority consensus algorithm and hosted by committed European cloud operators.

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