Compliance and data integrity


Protect your data integrity and privacy and prevent data breaches

Personal data have never that that vulnerable

The problem with records and communication in the public sector is that they are often inaccurate, immutable, incomplete, and vulnerable to privacy breaches. CERTIFY is a French-based blockchain solution that provides a secure and tamper-proof certification system for records and operations, ensuring that data is accurate, immutable, and resistant to unauthorised access or tampering.

Public agencies
Central administrations
Local authorities
Private actors

All-in-one certification solution that:


Provides a tamper-proof certificate that can be shared with authorized parties.


Enables public sector organisations to verify data quickly and easily, all while keeping data privacy protected.


Gives public sector organisations confidence in the accurancy and security of data records.

Case scenario: Secure data management

Create data proof

The local government creates a data footprint for each citizen data record on CERTIFY.

Anchor data proof

The data fingerprint is anchored in the Archipels blockchain, making it immutable and tamper-proof.

Verify data integrity

Any government body or agency can securely and quickly verify the data and records authenticity. They can also exchange the data without compromising it.


Privacy policy
Keep every citizen record completely private
Heighteined security
Reduce risk of data beaches and cyber attacks
Authorised access
Review data and records faster and easier with the right authorisation
Cost-effectiveness and scalability
High volume and low transaction costs
Streamline compliance processes
Streamline the certification process to improve compliance (GDPR...)
National sovereignty
Certify's infrastructure and all operations are exclusively hosted in France

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Compliance and data integrity

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Traceability in the supply chain

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