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Streamline your exchanges and put an end to document fraud and identity theft.

Thanks to our Web 3 platform of verifiable identities and data, we can adapt to your needs: proof of age, proof of residence, proof of income or even Credential of Kbis!

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Archipels partners

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Wallet Archipels: verifiable identities and documents

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How about putting an end to document fraud for good?
Say no to fraud
Thanks to the wallet, you can guarantee the authenticity of the data shared and the identity of the individuals and organizations with whom you exchange.
Build trusting relationships
Restore a relationship of complete trust with your partners, suppliers, employees and end customers.
Create, manage and share certificates
Are you an issuer wishing to provide proof of address or any other Credential ? We'll simplify the process for you.
Simplify your partners' onboarding
Automate credential verification and updates from a single tool. Save time while securing your routes.

Use cases for many sectors

Bank and insurance
Energy and environment
Public sector
Supply chain
Real estate
Ticketing and events
Hospitality and mobility

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They share their experience

Franck Dammann

CEO Mailstone

Thanks to Mailstone, the email takes all its value by the use of the trusted third party that represents the mechanism of the Archipels Blockchain.

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Philippe Sanchis

CEO Vialink

Archipels provides an additional guarantee with high added value in terms of assurance of the reliability of these documents, and therefore an innovative and effective solution to limit fraud.

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Olivier Vallet

CEO Docapost

This choice to enrich our KYC solution with the Archipels Blockchain seemed obvious to us because it reinforces our position as a reference in digital trust

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