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Stay compliant with CERTIFY

Our blockchain-based certification solution ensures transparency and accountability, eliminating fraud risk, providing a tamper-proof record of all supply chain transactions and ensuring compliance in a world of ever-evolving legislation.

All-in-one certification solution that:


Certifies documents and data for all types of operations and tracks them throughout the supply chain.


Enables compliance with industry standards, and creates a secure and transparent supply chain.


Provides tamper-proof data that demonstrated whether activities are done with respect to norms and business goals.

Case scenario: waste management

Create data proof

The waste management company creates a data fingerprint on CERTIFY.

Anchor data proof

The data ‘fingerprint’ is anchored on the blockchain, making it immutable and tamper-proof

Verify data integrity

Any third party can independently verify the transport of waste from point A to point B.


Reduce fraud
Ensure all certified data and documents are tamper-proof.
Anchoring in the Archipels blockchain takes less than a second.
Reveive a proof of anchoring, time-stamped and verifiable at any time.
Offers a third-party verification service for transparency.
Cost-effective and Scalable
High volume and low transaction costs
Keep up with ever-changing regulations about transparency within sustainability

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Compliance and data integrity

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Traceability in the supply chain

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