Long-term anchoring

Obtaining immutable proof for long-term archiving? This is now possible with the Archipels long-term anchoring solution.

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The blockchain as a guarantee of immutability

Archipels is based on an innovative, advantageous and still largely under-exploited technology: the blockchain. Indeed, this unique technology allows decentralization, shared consensus for transaction validation, immutability as well as data encryption and evidence preservation. Each document is thus protected and benefits from easy auditability and traceability.

But that's not all: the blockchain used by Archipels provides an immutable and indelible proof value, in order to make any action permanent. In addition, a qualified timestamp responds to a need for regulatory archiving by guaranteeing the inalterability of the document.

The Financial Benefits of Permanent Evidentiary Value

Archipels significantly reduces your operational costs by eliminating the need for additional manual verification, saving you time and money. Also, billing is done on a per-use basis only to optimize trust and relationships with your partners.

It becomes simpler to optimize your certification process and blockchain technology offers many advantages - especially when it comes to document archiving. In addition to ensuring the evidential value, guaranteeing the durability of information and protecting personal data, the storage of signed documents in an Electronic Archiving System (EAS) allows you to optimize the costs and risks involved by freeing yourself from signature enrichment techniques over the long term.

The legal advantages of the electronic signature

Archipels ensures the durability of electronically signed documents. For various economic, societal, ecological and health reasons, the paper signature leaves massively room for the electronic signature. The whole question remains of being able to guarantee that the person or institution has consented to the electronic act in question, even if he (or the system that produced the signature) no longer exists.

With the Archipels solution, signed documents are automatically transferred to a SAE compliant with the NF-Z 42 013 standard. The digital fingerprints are also secured thanks to the log chaining device of the blockchain. Archipels allows you to preserve electronically signed documents over time in order to anticipate the archiving problem thanks to a long-term anchoring.

Ensure the long-term integrity and durability of your documents by using Archipels.
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