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Be the first to benefit from Archipels Business!

EARLY ADOPTERS Program - Early access

We offer innovative companies early access to Archipels Business: create a digital identity for your company or organization, start exchanging data with certain players in your ecosystem, or even issue your own certificates!

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Digital Identity
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Check certificates
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Issue your certificates

Why join the program?

Join the "Early Adopters" program for early access to our Archipels Business solution: discover new uses and get ahead of your ecosystem.

Anticipate eIDAS 2 compliance

Don't suffer compliance: anticipate it and find out how to benefit from it!

Assimilate the wallet's full potential

Identification, authentication (SCA), issuing and verification of certificates... Find out more about the wallet scop.

Test a wide range of use cases

Identify which use cases are most decisive for your business.

Build a competitive advantage

Stand out from the competition by issuing or verifying digital certificates as part of your business processes.

Evaluate production launch requirements

By the time you're ready to accelerate, you'll already have identified the prerequisites.

Innovate within your ecosystem

Be among the first to test the Archipels digital identity wallet and see how it fits into your ecosystem.

What can you do once the program has been integrated?

Initially, you will be able to access a number of features available on Archipels Business.

In particular, you will be able to access our API and deliver or verify your very first Credential !

I'm joining the program

Create your company's Archipels Business

Create and check your account: you will also be able to retrieve certain certificates (Kbis).

Issue your own certificates

Start testing the emission principle by issuing your own digital certificates.

Check one or more certificates

Test the request to present one or more certificates to a customer or partner.

Access the API and its documentation

Find out more about our documentation and experiment with automated attestation and verification.

Join the program for early access!

Once your request has been processed, we will contact you to share your access details. We will then be able to guide you and identify together how you could test Archipels Business within your ecosystem.
The information requested below helps us to support you in the use of our tool and for feedback purposes.

REGISTER (opening in JUNE)
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Thank you for registering!

An Archipels expert will contact you in mid-May so that you can discover and start testing our solution.
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Program FAQs

A few details about our "early adopters" program for our Archipels Business solution.

Is access to this program totally free?

Joining our "Early Access" program is totally free. Reserved for companies, this free program is aimed at professionals to help them discover the potential of an identity wallet by starting to create their organization wallet, and potentially issuing and or verifying first attestations!

Why does Archipels offer this program?

Archipels offers this program to enable companies to discover the scope of identity wallet possibilities, and to identify potential POCs to be carried out on a larger scale. For our part, it also enables us to benefit from important feedback for our future developments.

What happens once I've completed the form?

Once you have completed the form, an Archipels Business expert will contact you to guide you through our solution (from mid-May). A few questions will be asked to identify your initial needs, so that the expert can guide you in the most optimal way, depending on your company's activity and ecosystem, as well as your position and expertise.

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