Archipels confirms its ambitious objectives for 2023

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The web3 platform for trusted data and identities prepares for a digital identity management revolution in Europe

Paris, January 19, 2023 - Archipels, a web3 platform for trusted data and identities, has tripled its customer base in 2022 and has ambitious goals for 2023. Founded in 2019 by a consortium of EDF, Engie, La Caisse des Dépôts and La Poste Group, Archipels offers blockchain-based notarization and verification services as well as the issuance and verification of identity attributes for individuals and companies.  

With a dramatic growth in document and identity fraud recorded in 2022 (+44% since 2019 according to Onfido's latest Identity Fraud Report) and regulatory changes promised in 2023 allowing for the emergence of new trust technologies such as Blockchain, Archipels offers a sovereign platform to ensure data authenticity and integrity and verify documents and customer data.  

With the upcoming arrival of European digital wallets and the digitization of identity attributes, Archipels is accelerating its R&D investments to develop the future of decentralized identity for individuals and companies.

A successful 2022

Archipels has tripled its customer base by 2022 with the arrival of major players in a wide range of industries: from the energy sector to the banking industry, including digital services and training organizations.  

In 2022, Archipels is :  

  • 70 million verifiable documents
  • Over 10 million certifications per month
  • A doubling of the company's workforce

The diversity of use cases in which Archipels intervenes announces a general awareness of public and private actors on the importance of a secure, simplified and privacy-friendlydigital identity management strategy.  

A stronger team for greater ambitions

To meet its ambitions, Archipels has expanded its team with the arrival of Xavier Juredieu, the new COO who oversees sales and marketing operations, and the strengthening of the product, business and marketing teams that will support the growth of our customers.

In 2023, to meet the new commercial and technical challenges, Archipels aims to recruit 12 people who will strengthen our R&D, product and business teams.  

2023: accelerating projects for a new chapter in the history of Archipels

In 2023, Archipels will accompany the Banque de France on a complex subject: the authentication of credit institutions to secure the exchange of sensitive data between banking institutions. This issue will require Archipels' expertise in issuing and verifying identity attributes for companies as well as in wallet technologies.

Archipels will also wear this double hat as part of its participation in two major European consortiums - POTENTIAL and EWC - where, following its selection by the European Commission, the company will participate in large-scale wallet deployment pilots and will be able to confirm its position as leader on a European scale. With the arrival of European wallets and the new regulations that accompany them, Archipels' technology will accompany the transformation of relations between companies, governments and individuals in collaboration with major industry players such as Visa, Thales, Docapost, IN Groupe, Sicpa, Avast and Infogreffe.

"2023 promises to be decisive in the adoption of decentralized identity as a pivotal solution in the issuance, verification and exchange of identity attributes. With the massive arrival of wallet technologies, ambitious European regulations, and the general awareness of the importance of personal data management, Archipels' value proposition has never been more in line with the need to secure and simplify data and identity exchanges. I think this year will be the year of confirmation for Archipels' disruptive technology." - Hervé Bonazzi