Archipels is selected by the Banque de France to simplify the authentication of credit institutions

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Paris, December 14, 2022 - The Banque de France has appointed Archipels, following its call for contributions on the issue of authentication of credit institutions.

This call for contributions, launched in July 2022 and led by the Banque de France's innovation laboratory, "Le Lab", aims to explore the use of digital identity in the context of the digitization of certain processes and to make it a lever for simplification for the Banque de France but also for its external partners.


This action is part of the Banque de France's innovation approach and allows it to support its businesses in identifying opportunities and implementing innovative solutions. Collaboration with the innovative ecosystem has made it possible to identify various approaches that the Banque de France can now experiment with.

Archipels is now working with the Banque de France and the other two winners to define the scope of one or more experiments in line with their proposals.


" We are very pleased to accompany the Banque de France on the broad topic of authentication of credit institutions. We are confident in the ability of Blockchain technology and our decentralized identity management platform to secure critical interactions and data exchanges between banks" explains Hervé Bonazzi, CEO of Archipels.


" For the Banque de France, digital identity and its management are major challenges in terms of innovation and present opportunities for our businesses, including our work on the central bank's digital currency," explains Valérie Fasquelle, Deputy Director General of the Information System Directorate and sponsor of the institution's innovation approach.


About Archipels    

Archipels deploys a blockchain-based trust services platform with 4 French trusted third-party issuers - La Caisse des Dépôts, EDF, ENGIE and La Poste - to certify and verify documents, data schemas and data. Archipels supports institutions and companies in the certification and verification of documents and data to provide digital trust services such as electronic signature, electronic seal, time stamping or anchoring on blockchain. Archipels develops a trust infrastructure that respects the principles of privacy-by-design, inspired by the philosophy of Self-SovereignIdentity, and works on a trust platform allowing the issuance and verification of identity attributes.


About the Banque de France. As an independent institution, the Banque de France has three main missions: monetary strategy, financial stability, and services to the economy and society. It helps define monetary policy for the euro zone and implements it in France; it supervises banks and insurance companies and ensures risk control; and it offers a wide range of services to businesses and individuals.


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