What is the electronic signature?

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With the development of Blockchain technology, it is now possible to sign, time-stamp, certify and verify certain documents and data. So what about the electronic signature? What are the advantages of opting for the blockchain electronic signature? How does it work? Explanations!

What is an electronic signature?

An electronic signature is a type of digital identification used to verify the authenticity of a digital document.

Democratized these last years with the sanitary restrictions linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, the electronic signature allowed to ensure the business processes essential to the good running of the activity (remote contract signature for example).

Contrary to the electronic seal which certifies the exchange of documents between legal entities, the electronic signature is more appropriate between natural persons.

Why turn to blockchain?

The blockchain is a means of storing and transmitting data in the form of blocks. It is known to protect data from any modification. It is an excellent way to bring more security by providing a decentralized infrastructure and more secure. The blockchain electronic signature is therefore the perfect combination of these two technologies, making it possible to access : 

  • An online electronic signature
  • A public identity
  • No middleman

With the blockchain electronic signature, it becomes possible to sign a document electronically in complete security, without data leakage, but also by verifying the identity of the signatory, in particular through the KYC protocol. A combination of tools and methods that save time, reduce costs, increase efficiency and security. It is therefore a very appropriate solution for many companies in the banking, insurance, legal, real estate and many other sectors!

How to take advantage of the blockchain electronic signature?

If some companies choose to develop their own tools in order to take advantage of the blockchain electronic signature, there are external service providers that can be called upon. Specialists in their field, they offer tailor-made solutions, which allows companies to free themselves from certain specific technical skills.

At Archipels, we offer not only blockchain electronic signature, but also verification, security and certification of documents. Compliance with European standards is therefore at the heart of our business, which allows us to develop secure tools that meet the expectations of our customers.

It is therefore not mandatory for a company to have its own blockchain electronic signature tool; it can call upon an external specialist in the field. In fact, it is even recommended to use an external specialist in order to make the tool evolve according to the new technologies and the changes in the regulations.