Valuation of documents

Are you a document or data issuer with evidential value? Join the Archipels network.

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Be part of a trusted third party network

Archipels aims to bring together within its consortium a set of actors recognized as trusted third parties. We are developing a service platform and a trust infrastructure on a distributed network controlled by companies that participate in the identity of individuals and companies in Europe.

Limit fraud on your documents

The documents you issue have evidentiary value and are therefore susceptible to falsification. By working with your peers to certify the documents and data you issue, you will improve your image and reduce the cost of fraud.

Generate substantial income

Your documents and data are used to verify certain identity attributes (residence, income, financial statements, etc.) as part of customer relationship procedures. The Archipels platform allows you to certify your data and documents, make a profit, gain transparency, while remaining in full compliance with the regulations in force. 

Use the Archipels blockchain to enhance your documents with evidential value.
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