MailStone and Archipels partner to launch the first Blockchain email solution

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Paris, April 20, 2022 - MailStone, the solution that allows emails to be digitally imprinted on the blockchain to guarantee their integrity, and Archipels, a smart identity platform deployed on a blockchain supported by EDF, Engie, La Poste and the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, which enables the verification, certification and simplification of access to online services for all users, have joined forces to launch the first solution for recording emails on a trusted blockchain 

Emails are used universally today: 320 billion emails are sent every day worldwide. However, unlike registered letters and electronic signatures, emails have no evidential value. 

  • MailStone allows the registration of the digital fingerprint of the email and attachments automatically and without changing the email operator. A simple email address as a copy is sufficient because the MailStone patent covers the international MIME standard for email. Today, MailStone certifies several thousand emails and attachments per month. 
  • Archipels enriches the validation consensus of opposable proof of the email, giving it the value it had lost. Archipels has already certified more than 40 million documents with probative value, which has enabled thousands of institutions (including EDF, Engie, Docapost) to strengthen the fight against document fraud and risk prevention.

This partnership is a structured mechanism for recording the digital footprint of any email. It makes it possible to distinguish each of the components of an email, particularly the header, body and attachments. Backed by "Blockchain" technology, it also enables the constitution of a register of registrations entrusted to an independent trusted third party.

The MailStone solution leverages the immutability property of the Blockchain by providing a way to secure and time-stamp any email and its attachments received on an email address delivered by our services. As soon as it is registered in the Blockchain, the email and its attachments become unique, unalterable and unforgeable.

" The integration of Archipels with the MailStone solution, which generates a digital fingerprint for each email, is another step in leveraging email as a critical digital asset in online interactions! We are pleased to provide a reliable and flexible solution to fight against all types of fraud. This partnership is in line with our desire to strengthen digital trust," said Hervé Bonazzi, CEO of Archipels.

" This new word, "email", associating email and mail, has no opposability value, unlike a written and signed letter. Thanks to Mailstone, this email takes on its full value through the use of the trusted third party represented by the Archipels blockchain mechanism," explains Franck Dammann, CEO of MailStone.

About Archipels

Archipels is creating the digital identity wallet that will give citizens full control over the data they share. To achieve this, Archipels has built a smart identity platform based on a permissioned blockchain. It can already verify (identity, documents, transactions), certify (data, documents with probative value) and simplify (unified user experience, rapid on-boarding of customers) the access of all users to online services offered by companies and institutions.
Decentralised, immutable, and based on a shared consensus for the validation of transactions (the "Proof of Authority"), the Archipels smart identity platform is sovereign, inclusive and respectful of privacy.
Archipels is a startup that was created by a consortium of French trusted third parties (EDF, Engie, La Poste and the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations). The members of this consortium guarantee the identity of individuals and companies in France and Europe.  

About MailStone

MailStone is a universal email protection based on Blockchain technology.
MailStone uses the Blockchain to guarantee the integrity of an email sent, and gives recipients the means to verify this integrity at any time.
This 100% French solution sets a new standard of trust in electronic exchanges. Accessible to all at a low cost, it gives a probative value to any email whose content and attachments are authenticated and time-stamped.

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