Archipels strenghtens its ambition with the entry of IN Groupe into its capital, alongside founding companies Caisse des Dépôts, EDF Pulse Croissance, ENGIE, and La Poste

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Paris, May 23, 2023 - A consortium created in September 2020, Archipels, offers a web3 platform that provides decentralized certification and verification services for documents and identity attributes.

The Archipels consortium is joined by IN Groupe, a specialist in secure identities and digital services. As a current technological partner of Archipels, IN Groupe enters the capital on an equal footing with Caisse des Dépôts and La Poste, and will sit on the Strategic Council of Archipels.

Founding shareholders, La Caisse des Dépôts and La Poste Group are participating in the new round of funding to accelerate Archipels' growth and support the development of digital trust on the blockchain.

This capital increase supports Archipels' ambition to become a leader in decentralized digital identity and decentralized data verification.

To achieve this goal, Archipels aims to accelerate its commercial development, strengthen its presence in international markets, mainly in Europe and North Africa, and expand its decentralized identity services.

Archipels plans to double its workforce by 2024 in product development, sales, partnerships and technical functions. The company also aims to double its number of customers by the end of 2023.

On a European scale, Archipels aims to contribute to the construction of a global, interoperable ecosystem of digital identities. To fulfill this ambition, Archipels is involved in two consortia made up of several European Union member states and industrialists, to lead the large-scale deployment pilots of the European digital identity wallet ("EUDI Wallet") commissioned by the European Commission.

"The decentralized identity market is still young, but it is gaining ground, and by working with leading and complementary industrial players such as IN Groupe and Docaposte, we are able to benefit from synergies and accelerate the adoption of our technologies by a greater number of companies and organizations," explains Hervé Bonazzi, CEO of Archipels.

"Our entry into Archipels' capital is part of the execution of IN Groupe's 2025 Digital Odyssey strategy around identities and digital services of the future, in physical and digital environments. This investment is a key step in the development and deployment of decentralized identity solutions that can guarantee sovereignty for governments and data security for users," adds Didier Trutt, Chairman and CEO of IN Groupe.

" We are proud to strengthen our support for Archipels, which contributes to one of our priorities in favor of digital sovereignty. IN Groupe's entry into the capital is a major asset for developing a web 3 solution that could become a sovereign standard for decentralized, secure and verified digital identity." Olivier Sichel - Chief Operating Officer, Caisse des Dépôts

"It's important for La Poste Group, a reference in digital trust solutions with its subsidiary Docaposte, to contribute to the establishment of a French champion in decentralized management of identity attributes. That's whywe've been with Archipels since its creation, and why we're supporting it in this new stage of its development in France and Europe.Olivier Vallet, Executive Vice President, Consumer and Digital Division, La Poste Group, Chairman and CEO, Docaposte

Archipels guarantees the traceability, transparency and integrity of information exchanged, while preserving the confidentiality of sensitive data. The robust infrastructure and advanced cryptographic mechanisms offer additional protection against cyber threats and privacy breaches.

These services are supported by a trusted infrastructure capable of carrying individual and corporate identity registers, based on a French sovereign permissioned blockchain maintained solely by French trusted third parties on low-carbon infrastructures.


  • 70 million verifiable documents already anchored on the Archipels blockchain  
  • 24 blockchain nodes operated in France
  • 300 milliseconds is the time it takes to verify the authenticity of a document or data item on Archipels.


About Archipels

Archipels offers a platform of digital trust services on a sovereign blockchain, operated by a consortium formed by Caisse des Dépôts, La Poste, IN Groupe, EDF and ENGIE, and supports all organizations in the certification and verification of their documents and data to combat document fraud and identity theft, accelerate customer relations and trace business processes. Archipels also offers decentralized digital identity solutions (Self-Sovereign Identity) that respect privacy and comply with future European regulations for issuing and verifying individual and corporate identity attributes. Thanks to its technical expertise, Archipels is accelerating companies' transition from web2 to web3.

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Marie-Philippine Méchet

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About IN Groupe

As a global specialist in identity and secure digital services, IN Groupe is a trusted partner for the management and protection of sensitive data.

IN Groupe is a player committed to the most protective and secure digital identity schemes and transactions. Through its mastery of the entire identity value chain for both individuals and objects, IN Groupe has deployed its expertise beyond̀ regal identity by developing solutions and services based on professional and object identities. Whatever the issue, IN Groupe, a company of digital sovereignty, contributes to asserting a fundamental right for everyone: the Right to be Yourself.

IN Groupe operates three affiliated brands - SPS for electronic components, Surys for optical and holographic security, and Nexus for corporate and IoT digital identity solutions - with market-leading technologies.

IN GROUPE IN FIGURES (SALES 2021): €516m - 1,900 employees - 9 sites in Europe - 8 sales offices worldwide + 130 countries using IN Groupe solutions - 30 partner governments .

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Romain Galesne-Fontaine, Communications Director


About La Poste Group

La Poste is a state-owned public limited company, a subsidiary of Caisse des Dépôts and the French State. La Poste group is organized into four branches: Services-Courrier-Colis, Retail and Digital, Geopost and La Banque Postale, which together with its subsidiary CNP Assurances is Europe's 11th largest bancassurer.La Poste group has 4 public service missions that forge its identity: universal postal service, regional planning and development, banking accessibility, and press transport and distribution. Committed to its regional presence, La Poste group relies on a distribution network of over 35,600 points of service, including 17,300 points of contact (post offices, local post offices, retail outlets) and 18,300 points of access to a postal service (Pickup, carrés pros, consignes or drive parcels). It delivers more than 17 billion items a year worldwide (letters, advertising material and parcels), 6 days a week. In 2022, it achieved sales of 35.4 billion euros, 44% of which were international, and employs 238,000 people in over 60 countries on 5 continents, including 184,000 in France. A company with a mission since June 2021, a leader in ecological transition and sustainable finance, the group aims to achieve "zero net emissions" by 2040. With its strategic plan "La Poste 2030, committed to you", the public company has set itself the ambition of becoming Europe's leading platform for links and exchanges, human and digital, green and civic, serving its customers in their projects and society as a whole in its transformations. 

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Patrice Lemonnier / 01 55 44 25 35 /  

About Caisse des Dépôts

Caisse des Dépôts and its subsidiaries are a public-sector group, a long-term investor in the public interest and local economic development.

It brings together five areas of expertise: social policies (retirement, professional training, disability, old age and health), asset management, monitoring of subsidiaries and holdings, corporate financing (with Bpi france) and Banque des Territoires.