Jouve integrates Archipels' blockchain and enriches its KYC (customer knowledge) offer

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Paris, 15 April 2021 - As a key player in the digital transformation of companies, Jouve carries out millions of document verifications each year on behalf of its customers, to ensure compliance at the time of entry into a relationship and during remediation procedures. Identity documents, proof of income, proof of residence, there are more than 7 million updates of files and compliance, and more than 20 million identity checks to secure the entry into relationship per year carried out by Jouve for the sole benefit of banks. In order to guarantee the 100% reliability of this procedure, Jouve has chosen to rely on the documentary certification platform based on the blockchain technology of Archipels, a consortium created by La Poste, EDF, Engie and Caisse des Dépôts.


Archipels has chosen to make a paradigm shift by going to the source of information via the aggregation of data from different trusted third parties. This technological brick will allow the company to guarantee 100% authenticity of documents thanks to a distributed trust infrastructure.


A trusted third party recognised for its expertise in remote identification and customer knowledge for banks and insurance companies, Jouve has developed a KYC platform allowing it to manage and consult large volumes of data. The integration of Archipels enriches this platform, and guarantees perfect conformity to its customers for certain documents. Imposed by European and national regulations, KYC remediation procedures are a major challenge for financial institutions in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing. Strengthening the approach to compliance controls and improving the fight against fraud are necessary for a major player in digital transformation.  


The unique blockchain developed by Archipels will thus allow to strengthen, solidify and complete the processes of conformity control of these data, and to guarantee their 100% authenticity, by verifying for example the conformity of an Engie invoice provided by a customer to prove his direct debit in order to obtain a consumer credit from a bank


In the long term, other sectors such as health, in which Jouve also operates, will also be able to benefit from the Archipels solution in order to meet the challenges of compliance and the fight against fraud.


Hervé Bonazzi, CEO of Archipels, says: "We are delighted to enable Jouve to address its customers' document compliance challenges through blockchain. This strategic partnership illustrates the importance of a solution such as ours for securing corporate and individual data in Europe."


Thibault Lanxade, Chairman and CEO, Jouve Group, declares: "Being able to guarantee our customers 100% compliance on certain documents is a strong guarantee of quality and trust. This partnership, allows us to integrate Archipels' blockchain and enrich our KYC entry and remediation offer for our customers. »



About Archipels :

Archipels, a consortium created by LaPoste, EDF, Engie and Caisse des Dépôts, is developing a document certification platform based on blockchain technology.

Archipels' value proposition is based on a solution to guarantee the authenticity of documents used to guarantee identity.

For this purpose, Archipels' solution enables the verification of the identity of natural and legal persons - particularly in the context of KYC procedures - from a repository of digital fingerprints provided by the issuing trusted third parties.

Archipels' ambition is to become the reference provider in the certification of identity-related data of companies and individuals in Europe. 


About Jouve :

As a specialist in data and digital uses, Jouve simplifies and personalizes digital paths.

For more than 40 years, the group has been supporting the transformation of its customers in various sectors such as the public sector, health including social protection, banking, international institutions, etc. to optimize their business processes, structure and enhance their data.

Its business approach allows it to respond as closely as possible to its clients' problems.

Jouve has nearly 1,500 employees and is present in Europe and the United States.



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Press contact Jouve :

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