ITESOFT enriches its compliance and fraud offer by integrating Archipels' blockchain

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Rueil, 21 March 2022 - ITESOFT, the French leader in digitalization and business process automation solutions, and Archipels, a smart identity platform based on a blockchain supported by EDF, Engie, La Poste and the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, which enables the verification, certification and simplification of access to online services for all users, have announced the signature of a partnership aimed at improving the customer experience and online procedures by guaranteeing the authenticity of documents in real time. 

  • The fight against document fraud is a key component of ITESOFT's business process automation solutions. Its fraud detection service systematises controls, in real time, before business processing. Ready to use, it is based on a unique library of 100 documents and more than 150 pre-configured checks - including certain exclusive checks such as Altermetry®[1]. 
  • To strengthen its real-time document authenticity control system, ITESOFT has joined forces with Archipels: a leading player in the certification of information and documents linked to individuals and companies via a powerful blockchain system.  

Every day, millions of certificates and supporting documents pass through online services: contract subscription, application for an allowance, credit, etc. Checking the authenticity of these documents is becoming essential to secure exchanges, and in particular the entry into the customer relationship, without damaging the customer experience. It is even a legal obligation (vigilance) in the context of the explosion of document fraud:

  • +164%growth in document [2] and identityfraud between 2017 and 2019.  
  • In 56% of the cases of fraud observed [3], it is the document (invoice, RIB, etc.) that is at fault.  

Check the authenticity of documents, supporting documents, certificates, etc. 

To meet these challenges, ITESOFT has enhanced its anti-fraud offer and integrated the Archipels service, which enables real-time control of the authenticity of documents and therefore their content (home address, income, etc.). This service - based on a repository of digital fingerprints using blockchain technology - facilitates the auditability and traceability of documents. It makes it possible to reliably indicate whether a document, such as a "proof of address", is authentic or not.

Archipels has already certified more than 40 million documents with probative value, which has enabled thousands of institutions (including EDF, Engie, Infogreffe) to strengthen their fight against document fraud and risk prevention.

Hervé Bonazzi, CEO of Archipels, said: " The integration of our solution by ITESOFT is a new step in the development of our products. We are pleased to contribute to the strengthening of anti-fraud capabilities. This is in line with our desire to strengthen digital trust!

All file processing processes present a risk. In fact, the document is at the centre of all attention to fight fraud effectively.  

According to Arnaud Tuffery, Director of Compliance and Anti-Fraud Solutions at ITESOFT: " The reliability of documents is an essential issue in everyday exchanges between individuals and organisations. We want to go further with the real-time authenticity of these documents. With Archipels' certification, we are providing our customers with an additional guarantee of the traceability and conformity of their documents. At the same time, we are ensuring smooth customer journeys and an improved customer experience.

Documentary certification will enable :

  • Facilitating online user procedures 
  • Securing the customer journey 
  • Developing digital trust through proof of traceability and auditability of the document 
  • Ensure document sovereignty and confidentiality throughout the customer journey
  • Check the authenticity of the document thanks to the blockchain and the digital fingerprint repository.
  • Already 40 million documents with probative value certified by Archipels. 

For more information on this partnership, see the interview with Arnaud Tuffery on the ITESOFT blog.

[1] Altermetry® - Suspicious image alteration analysis. 

[2] Report National Assembly: Commission of Inquiry on Social Benefits Fraud.  

[3] Euler Hermes-DFCG, 2020. 

About Archipels

Archipels is creating the digital identity wallet that will give citizens full control over the data they share. To achieve this, Archipels has built a smart identity platform based on a permissioned blockchain. It already allows to verify (identity, documents, transactions), certify (data, documents with probative value) and simplify (, unified user experience, fast on-boarding of customers) the access of all users to online services offered by companies and institutions. 

Decentralised, immutable, and based on a shared consensus for the validation of transactions (the "Proof of Authority"), the Archipels smart identity platform is sovereign, inclusive, and respectful of privacy.

Archipels is a start-up company created by a consortium of French trusted third parties (EDF, Engie, La Poste and the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations). The members of this consortium guarantee the identity of individuals and companies in France and Europe.  


ITESOFT is the French leader in digitalization and business process automation software. 

Its solutions process more than a billion documents each year and uniquely combine the three elements essential to the performance of organisations: intelligent document processing, process automation and risk detection. They are deployed in the areas of customer and supplier relations. 

Developed from the outset on the basis of its own Artificial Intelligence technologies, ITESOFT's solutions for dematerialising and automating business processes are designed to make them more efficient, faster and more secure.

More than 650 customers in 35 countries optimise their processes with ITESOFT solutions. 

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