Docapost integrates Archipels' blockchain to optimise its KYC (customer knowledge) offer

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Paris, May 25, 2021 - As a leader in digital trust in France and a subsidiary of La Poste Group, Docaposte is enhancing its KYC solution for verifying proof of address and guaranteeing their reliability by choosing to rely on Archipels' blockchain-based document certification platform .

- With Archipels, Docapost, the Digital Trusted Third Party, is strengthening its range of trust solutions offered to the market to meet the challenges of organisational transformation, regulation and security. 

- The Archipels solution developed by the consortium of La Poste, EDF, Engie and Caisse des Dépôts, with the contribution of Docapost's innovation teams, provides a 100% guarantee of document authenticity by verifying information at source.

Archipels, the blockchain for document certification

With more than 20 million residential documents certified on the blockchain since the beginning of the year, Archipels offers an innovative document certification solution to address a problem identified by most banking and financial institutions: the lack of efficiency, reliability and performance of current technological solutions for document certification. Archipels contributes to help public and private actors to gain in security, thanks to a more secure and efficient authentication of customers and companies.


The Archipels blockchain allows to certify that the documents presented by individuals and companies have not been modified, and reinforces trust by guaranteeing the origin of the information (the digital fingerprint of the document is added to the blockchain). It meets the needs of banks, administrations and local authorities seeking new tools to fight fraud.


Docapost, a player in the transformation of organisations, committed to the fight against fraud


Recognised as a major player in the fight against fraud, Docaposte, the Digital Trusted Third Party, offers the most comprehensive KYC solution on the market, combining its business expertise, its know-how in terms of secure digital platforms and its differentiating in-house assets (document capture, automatic recognition and reading reinforced by its own artificial intelligence, remote identity verification, La Poste Digital Identity, the Digiposte digital safe, etc.)


Perfectly adapted to digital banking, the KYC platform developed by Docaposte makes it possible to meet regulatory requirements and limit the successive processing of supporting documents requested by banking institutions from their customers. It facilitates the collection, control of documents, alerting and allocation of data.


Archipels' blockchain enhances Docapost's KYC solution for checking proof of address by guaranteeing their origin "at source".

For Hervé Bonazzi, CEO of Archipels: "The adoption of Archipels' blockchain by Docapost is another important step in the deployment of our solution since its arrival on the market in late 2020. We are proud to contribute to Docapost's innovative offering, providing an additional layer of security."

Olivier Vallet, Chairman and CEO of Docapost, added: "Our innovation teams have been working on Blockchain technology since 2016 and naturally contributed their expertise to build the Archipels solution. It was an obvious choice to enhance our KYC solution with the Archipels Blockchain and opens the door to other applications in the field of document control. It reinforces our position as a reference in digital trust. »

About Archipels : 

Archipels, a consortium created by La Poste, EDF, Engie and Caisse des Dépôts, is developing a document certification platform based on blockchain technology.

Archipels' value proposition is based on a solution that guarantees the authenticity of documents.

Archipels' ambition is to become the reference provider in the certification of identity-related data of companies and individuals in Europe.


Press contact Archipels : 

Cédric Damour - 07 84 21 02 20 -


About Docapost : 

As a leader in digital trust in France and a subsidiary of La Poste Group, Docaposte supports all companies and public institutions in their transformation and enables them to accelerate it with confidence.  

As an expert in the processing of sensitive data and as a trusted third party, Docaposte benefits from a unique positioning in the market that enables it to meet a client's entire needs from start to finish, in compliance with regulations and with the assurance of highly secure data.

As the leader in trusted digital solutions (voting, electronic registered letters, electronic signatures, digital archiving, remote identity verification, etc.) and France's leading health data host with more than 45 million medical records, Docaposte provides its expertise in the design and management of customised digital platforms. Its industrial and BPO know-how enables it to meet all its clients' needs. 

Docapost has more than 23,000 corporate and government customers, 6,400 employees at nearly 70 locations in France and abroad, and generated €670 million in revenue in 2020, including the integration of Index Education. 

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