Digiposte launches the extension of payslip certification beyond the digital safe thanks to the Archipels blockchain

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Every month, Digiposte hosts and certifies the payslips of 3 million employees. Today, Digiposte extends their authenticity beyond the digital safe by giving them an immutable proof value thanks to the Archipels blockchain operated 100% in France. This innovative system simplifies the verification and validation processes for underwriting files and reduces manual processing costs for the banking, insurance and real estate industries.    


Paris, 9 June 2022 - Every month, Digiposte deposits more than five million documents in the safes of its eight million users, three million of whom receive their pay slips every month. These documents are authentic and have a verifiable probative value, in particular by means of the certificate of authenticity issued by La Poste.  


Today, more and more companies are expressing the need to havedirect access to the proof of authenticity of documents without necessarily having to process the document itself, particularly in the context of Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures or simply to limit cases of document fraud.


To meet this need, Digiposte has entered into a partnership with the Archipels platform, which enables it toanchor in the blockchain the digital imprint of documents with evidential value hosted in Digiposte, starting with payslips. This digital fingerprint becomes an immutable proof value that allows the authentication of documents at any time within the framework of the subscription process.


For companies using this document verification service (banking, insurance, real estate, etc.), document certification via the blockchain reduces the operational costs of manual processing and simplifies the verification and validation processes for underwriting files.

This technological solution also strengthens the protection of customers' personal data and contributes to improving their level of trust in digital transactions thanks to the advantages offered by a consortium blockchain that is 100% operated in France and is eco-responsible:

- Documents are not anchored in the blockchain, only the digital fingerprint of the document is in the blockchain.  

- The digital fingerprint of the document, the Hash, is an unfalsifiable alphanumeric sequence that allows it to be recognised in a secure manner, but is not reversible, i.e. it does not allow the document to be reconstructed. 

-No personal data is embedded in the blockchain

How the digital fingerprint of the Digiposte document works in the Archipels Blockchain.

According to Frédérique Ville, Director of Digiposte: " The Archipels blockchain document certification system will make it possible to extend the proof of authenticity of payslips, even if they are downloaded outside the Digiposte safe. This innovation will soon concern all certified documents received in Digiposte: diplomas, proof of address , etc."

According to Hervé Bonazzi, CEO of Archipels: " We are very pleased with this partnership with Digiposte! This is an important step for the digital trust services of tomorrow that we will soon enrich with the issuance of digital certificates to simplify and secure online procedures.

Over 8 million Digiposte users.

Digiposte is La Poste's intelligent and secure digital mailbox. It includes a digital safe. Digiposte allows individuals to receive, store and share their important personal documents.

  • Over 8 million Digiposte
  • More than 10,000 "sending" companies or organisations send documents to Digiposte
  • More than 5 million new documents added each month (pay slips, tax notices, rent receipts, electricity bills: all proof of residence, income and identity updated automatically...)
  • Hosting of the Digiposte solution operated by Docaposte, the digital subsidiary of La Poste, on its servers in France

  • For more information: https: //business.digiposte.fr/

    The Archipels platform is based on a blockchain supported by EDF, Engie, La Poste and the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, which enables the verification, certification and simplification of access to online services for all users.

    Decentralised, immutable, based on a shared consensus for the validation of transactions (the "Proof of Authority"), Archipels' decentralised identity platform is sovereign, as it is 100% operated in France, and respects privacy. In order to be more energy efficient, Archipels' blockchain technology uses a less energy consuming consensus algorithm.

    In concrete terms, this means that the validation of a transaction on the Archipels blockchain is done by a limited number of validator nodes (trusted third parties), and not by solving energy-intensive mathematical problems.

    Illustration of secure deposit chain and verification chain

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