Commercial court clerks integrate Archipels' blockchain

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Paris, 1 July 2021 - Commercial court clerks are strengthening their economic police control capabilities by relying on Archipels' blockchain: the documentary certification thus proposed will enable clerks to verify, via an API, the existence of the head office of companies registered in the trade and companies register.


A renewed commitment to economic policing

Commercial court registrars are key players in the French system for combating fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing. Responsible for keeping legal registers, in particular the trade and company register, the registrars guarantee, through their control and certification tasks, the reliability and authenticity of the information recorded, disseminated and made available to economic players and the authorities.

Today, thanks to the Archipels blockchain, the Conseil national des greffiers des tribunaux de commerce is providing the profession with an additional tool for verifying the existence of the registered office of companies registered with the RCS, by checking the authenticity of supporting documents provided by the declarant.

Reinforced control of the existence of the registered office of companies registered with the RCS thanks to the Archipels blockchain

A veritable register of certified documents, the Archipels blockchain lists the cryptographic digital fingerprint of each document, established by its issuer. The repository of digital fingerprints thus created enables court clerks to verify the authenticity of supporting documents submitted to justify the existence of the registered office of companies registered in the trade and companies register.

In concrete terms, the clerks file the document to be checked on a dedicated online platform which instantly informs them of its authenticity. If the PDFs filed have been modified or falsified, they cannot be authenticated. The sovereignty and confidentiality of documents are thus guaranteed throughout the declaration and control of supporting documents.

"To effectively fight fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing, our control and certification systems must be based on the best technologies and expertise available. By integrating Archipels' blockchain, the clerks of the commercial courts are once again demonstrating their commitment to investing in innovation in the service of the general interest," says Sophie Jonval, President of the National Council of Clerks of the Commercial Courts.

"The integration of our solution by the National Council of Commercial Court Clerks is a new step in the development of our services for providing certified and verifiable identity attributes on individuals and companies. We are pleased to contribute to the simplification and acceleration of the business creation process in France, while reinforcing the fight against fraud. This is in line with our desire to strengthen digital trust through the provision of certified and verified information, not only in the private sector but also to the public sector and regulated professions" said Hervé Bonazzi, CEO of Archipels .

About the National Council of Commercial Court Clerks:

Chaired by Sophie Jonval, the CNGTC is the representative body of commercial court clerks, working in the 141 clerks' offices throughout France. The CNGTC is working to modernise commercial justice, in particular with the creation of the Digital Court, and is investing in facilitating business processes, economic transparency and business security. The profession plays a fundamental role in the smooth running of the French economy by accompanying each important moment in the legal life of companies. In particular, the registrars are responsible for keeping the trade and company register, which covers almost 80% of French economic agents.  


About Archipels : 

Archipels, a consortium created by La Poste, EDF, Engie and Caisse des Dépôts, is developing a document certification platform based on blockchain technology.

Archipels' value proposition is based on a solution to guarantee the authenticity of documents and attributes used to guarantee identity.

To this end, Archipels' solution enables the identity of natural and legal persons to be verified - particularly in the context of KYC procedures - from a repository of digital fingerprints provided by the issuing trusted third parties. 

Archipels' ambition is to become the leading provider of certified and verified identity attributes for companies and individuals in Europe.



Press contact Archipels : 

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Press contact CNGTC : 

Chloé Luce I I 06 32 80 98 18