Archipels and Formalogistics sign a partnership to authenticate CACES certificates

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Paris, March 28, 2023 - Archipels, a web3 platform for verifiable data and identities, and Formalogistics, a company specialized in training for the transport and logistics industry, have joined forces in the fight against document fraud!  

Together, the two companies are developing a solution for the certification and verification of CACES certificates for driving self-propelled mobile work equipment.

With 93,193 training organizations in France in January 2021, and 800,000 CACES cards issued each year, Formalogistics has made two observations:  

  • There is no standardization. Each organization issues its own cards, resulting in an administrative burden carried by each organization.
  • Document fraud is a recurring problem because the vast majority of certificates are printed on insecure paper.

Formalogistics therefore called on the Archipels Certify solution to certify its own CACES cards in order to facilitate the verification of their authenticity on a web page accessible to any employer.  

Thanks to Archipels, Formalogistics allows the verification of the authenticity of a CACES card by any actor of the ecosystem

Their collaboration began at the end of April 2022 and in 4 months Archipels and Formalogistics have :  

  • Implemented a certification solution for CACES cards on Blockchain thanks to Archipels Certify
  • Created an interface powered by the Archipels Verify API to authenticate CACES cards by a third party

After 4 months, Formalogistics has certified 200 CACES cards thanks to Archipels and aims to certify 22,500 cards by 2023.  

"Formalogistics is a player committed to the digitalization of its professional training business to develop new services and bring more confidence around the training delivered within its industry. Archipels has been a gas pedal to carry out this project with a plug-and-play solution in SaaS mode at an affordable cost for our activity". Jean-Cédric Pedinotti CTO of Formalogistics  

"We are proud to accompany an innovative player like Formalogistics in its digital transition. Our service Archipels Certify, simply answers to the stakes of fighting against document fraud and Formalogistics opens the way for the training organizations sector having undoubtedly the same concern of certification " explains Xavier Juredieu, COO of Archipels.

Inspired by Self-Sovereign Identity, Archipels has developed a privacy-friendly and EU compliant infrastructure for issuing and verifying identity attributes of individuals and companies. With its technical expertise, Archipels develops solutions that enable the transition from web2 to web3.  

About Archipels

Archipels offers the most advanced web3 platform for verifiable data and identities on a sovereign blockchain, operated by a consortium formed by Caisse des Dépôts, La Poste, EDF and ENGIE. With a secure architecture that complies with the strictest standards, we support our corporate customers in the certification and verification of their documents and structured data to fight against document fraud and identity theft, accelerate customer relations and trace business processes.      

About Formalogistics

Formalogistics is a company specialized in training for the transport and logistics professions. It also provides other certificates/licenses for cab driving or CACES certificates (Certificat d'Aptitude à la Conduite En Sécurité) allowing the driving of self-propelled mobile work equipment or equipment used for lifting (mobile crane, hydraulic shovel, etc.)

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