Can I test the Archipels solution?

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Archipels is the augmented identity platform to verify and certify any document or to accelerate the onboarding of your customers.

Using blockchain technology, Archipels verifies the authenticity of the documents provided

✓ Accelerate customer onboarding
✓ Increase trust
✓ Reduce risk and limit fraud

Accelerate the onboarding of your customers

Archipels' verification solution is instantaneous.

In less than a second, guarantee the authenticity of the documents provided by your customers. They upload the requested documents and our platform verifies the authenticity.

The answer is almost immediate and unquestionable: no need for manual verification.

Detect document fraud in seconds

Detect document fraud instantly.

The Archipels platform fetches the document provided by the customer (proof of address, electricity or gas bill, etc.) directly from the source: directly from the issuer - La Poste, EDF, Engie, Caisse des dépôts et Consignations.

We do not simply guarantee the conformity or consistency of the data provided, but that the document is authentic, that it remains intact and has not been altered.

An API integrated into your customer journey

The Archipels API integrates with your customer journey.

Include identity verification during the account creation process for your customers.

We also provide you with a dedicated web portal for instant verification of your customers' identity through document verification.

Simplify verification, speed up onboarding.