What is time stamping?

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Electronic time stamping is essential in a digital world where a company wants to create a relationship of trust with its employees, partners or customers/users.

It is the "real life" equivalent of the postmark on a handwritten document. In electronic format, time-stamping of documents replicates this model: when you sign an electronic document, the software used - such as YouSign or DocuSign - has an automatic time-stamping system that will record the date and time of the electronic signature. 

With such a device, one is legally protected from any dispute.

The blockchain meets the requirements of electronic time stamping. With the decentralization on which this technology is based, altering the attributes of a document with evidential value is virtually unthinkable.

Although blockchain technology is not legally named in the texts, its functionalities and properties make electronic time-stamping perfectly possible (for more information, we recommend you read our blog post on this subject)