What are electronic credentials?

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Since the project to set up a digital wallet at the European level, the Member States have been working on the implementation of various solutions dedicated to the realization of this project. We have therefore seen the emergence of the concept of electronic certificates of identity attributes. This term refers to the implementation of an application that would allow the user to prove his identity, but also to choose the way he authorizes the sharing of his information. So what is the digital identity wallet? How do electronic credentials work?

What is the digital identity portfolio?

The digital identity wallet is a solution that will soon be offered to the public by the European Union. It is a digital wallet that will allow people to store various data, including those related to their identity, and to have them available in all Member States. It will be possible to prove one's identity with the help of this digital wallet, but also to store data such as medical prescriptions for example. This solution allows us to offer a digital and therefore secure solution, but also to standardize practices to be able to move more freely in the European Union.

The project began to take shape in December 2022 and the creation of this system should see the light of day during 2023 for availability to the public thereafter. Several solutions have been implemented in order to create this digital portfolio, including electronic credentials of identity attributes that are used in this solution.

What are electronic credentials?

The electronic certificates of identity attributes are an electronic means of identification allowing to identify and authenticate oneself to public or private organizations thanks to a dedicated application that can be installed on a smartphone in order to use contactless technology. Thus, the user will have the possibility to generate electronic certificates of identity attributes which he considers necessary to transmit to the third party of his choice.

When generating electronic certificates of identity attributes, several data allowing the identification of the user will be transmitted, such as name, surname, date of birth, place of birth, nationality, sex, postal address, photograph of the user, e-mail address, etc.

The objective of this solution is to allow users to identify themselves in order to access online services offered by public and private services, to obtain electronic certificates of identity attributes to be given to third parties of their choice, signed by the State or "electronic stamp", to provide proof of their age or majority, etc.

Why is this an interesting solution?

The digital wallet and the implementation of electronic certificates of identity attributes are a very interesting solution for users who will be able to centralize a lot of information inside their smartphone. They will be able to dematerialize certain identity documents, but also to have access to a lot of useful information about them.

and choose to share it in the way they want. This is a way for users to regain control over their data and to have the possibility to identify themselves very easily anywhere in the European Union.

The data centralized in the proposed application will also be perfectly protected thanks to the implementation of efficient security systems.