Where can I find documentation on the Archipels solution?

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The Archipels platform enables the authenticity of a document to be certified on the blockchain. To do this, the Archipels platform brings together three actors in the verification process.

The transmitters

The four founding members of the consortium - La Poste, EDF, Engie and La Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations - are the issuers of documents with probative value. They are the ones who certify the authenticity of the documents they generate and distribute to their users in the Archipels blockchain.

In the documentation, they are called ISSUERS.

The auditors

Companies that want to verify the identity of their customers will check the authenticity of the evidence submitted by their customers. They will connect to the Archipels platform through the API and will be able to verify the legitimacy of the document.

In the documentation, they are called CLIENTS.

The users

Users are the people who will download the documents provided by the issuers and submit them to the clients.

How the Archipels platform works today

If you want to know more, we recommend that you consult our full documentation.